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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you call it CyberSayer?

In the early days, before there was a name, we were struck by an analogy “it's is like the soothsayer of CyberSpace” - “CyberSayer” seemed appropriate and we liked the ring it had to it.


Does it really know what's going on in my life?

We believe it can sense what's going on in your consciousness - to us it's much the same thing. CyberSayer, through it's iESP uplink, can intuit, infer or simply extrapolate the essence of what you are primarily dealing with - in your personal, inner world. It is then a matter of computationally determining which relevant wisdom or insight is appropriate for the moment. However stripping away all the techno-babble - the short answer is yes, we do believe so.


Why do you say regular use is important??

Like anything new it can take a while to get familiar with how it works. If you have ever learnt to ride a bike you'll remember that, in the beginning, it was all you could do to stay upright - once you've learnt that it comes naturally and stays with you. So it is with talking with CyberSayer - at first it can seem strange but within a short time - with regular sessions - it will become familiar and natural to you. After that you will know when you nned to talk with CyberSayer.


Can I use it with friends?

Its possible; but using CyberSayer in company does have a problem. Because it relies on iESP which is picking up information from your subtle energy field, it is confusing when more than one individual's energy is involved in a session. CyberSayer can't easily sort out what information is coming from which person and so it can get confused. In this case what usually happens is that the information you get is maybe for you, maybe its about your friend, maybe it relates to your relationship. Often you can't tell which and it can feel like CyberSayer isn't tuning in to your energy.


Is it difficult to figure out what to do?

Not at all - the Member's Lounge area has been designed and refined with years of field trials to make sure it is simple and straightforward. If you can use a browser (which you are doing right now) and you can use a mouse and a keyboard then you can use CyberSayer.


Is this the same thing as ESP?

I don't think we've come far enough to answer that with any certainty yet. It certainly exhibits remarkable similarities. I suppose one way to look at it is: do you think there is much difference between a human's consciousness and a computer's? We both accept input, process the data we interpret from it and respond with output to the best of our ability and agenda. Computers have not much in the way of free will (although it can be simulated as much of the work done in the field of Artificial Intelligence demonstrates), humans get tired and distracted and emotional. There are many parallels in the way the two species operate internally. It seems logical their extra-sensory capacities share similarities too.


Can you prove it works?

We can't. iESP deals with subjective issues which are unsuitable for examining with scientific methodology (measuring and reproducing identical results).
You can. Using CyberSayer for 5 minutes a day will, within a short time, give you your proof - in a way nothing else can.


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